Old Vine Cafe – Costa Mesa, Ca

Hello fellow foodies, this will be my very first restaurant blog post. YAY!

Alright, by far, Old Vine Cafe in Costa Mesa, Ca is my FAVORITE breakfast place.  My sister was the one who introduced me to this gem.  Old Vine is located in the CAMP in Costa Mesa.  The CAMP is a like a liberal utopia.  Their menu choices are unique and exciting.  This is not your standard ham and eggs diner.  You come here to excite your taste buds.  They also have a vibrant selection of wines.

So I came here this morning with my fiance.  When you first walk up to this place you get that side street cafe feel.  Small and quaint.  They open at 9am and always have a line of people waiting so its best to get there early.  We got there around 9:20 and had to wait about 10 minutes, which was not bad at all.

We got sat in the far right, right next to the wine racks.  In my opinion is the best spot in the whole place.  Why?  Because you’re really not sitting next to anyone else so its very intimate.

We both started of with a Mimosas.  As I was scanning the menus, (BTW they are a few sheets of paper connected to a painting canvas :P) “Lengua Omelet” caught my eye.  What is Lengua you ask?  Oh its just beef tongue.  Yup that’s right!  A TRUE FOODIE loves food and loves to try new things.  Here is the description off the menu: “Slow Cooked Beef Tongue, Queso Fresco & Spicy Tomatillo Salsa.”  I asked the waiter what he thought and he said it was one of his favorites, DONE!  My fiance orderd the sausage and eggs with a cinnamon roll, yumm!  Oh boy when I took the first bite of the Lengua Omelet I almost died!  The meat was soo tender and flavorful.  The plate comes with spanish style potatoes and toast with home made strawberry jam.

I strongly recommend my adventurous foodie friends to check this place out.  My other favs are; Pizza Omelet, Vegetarian Omelet, Biscuits and Gravy and the Southern Brunch.


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