Can’t free yourself from the $5 latte each morning?

Neither can I, but I did find a cost saving alternative.  I, like many of you, cannot function without my morning fix of caffeine.  I’d leave my house 10 minutes early just so I could get in line at Coffee Bean (my java of choice) and order myself a medium Vanilla no sugar added latte with soy.  Yes! Now my morning is complete.

Then one day (a year ago) I noticed the CBTL Contata Machine.

Home single serve espresso machine.  I thought to myself, “That looks cool, I wonder how much that costs and how much will that save me?”  I bought the machine a year ago at $149 but its now on sale for $89  You can make single serve espressos and drip coffee but I primarily use it to make my vanilla no sugar added lattes with almond milk.  You’ll need to get the frother so you can make a proper latte; $59.95

Look how cute these guys are!  The single serve espresso capsules come 10 in a box for $6.  Yup, thats right, .60 per shot of espresso.

Alright so lets do the math.  With an initial investment of $200 and an average latte costing $5, I’ll need to consume at least 40 lattes to recoup my money back.  I can definitely down 40 lattes under 2 months.  So yeah, I’ve gotten my moneys worth with this machine.  So I would jump on the sale CBTL is having on the Contata right now.

Cheers and enjoy your cup of Joe each morning! 🙂

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