About the Foodie

Growing up, I was never interested in cooking.  Being the oldest sister of two, it was only natural for my Mom to call me into the kitchen while she was preparing dinner for the family.  It was my little Sister who took the sous chef position next to my Mom.

It was after college, after I got my first real job and my own apartment did I start to learn how to cook.  Since I lived by myself and had a lot of time on my hands, I was really bored most of the time.  I discovered the Food network Channel and became obsessed.  Show after show was a new amazing and delicious dish my salivating taste buds wanted to devour.  So I started printing recipes at work and taking them home to try.

Of course, being a new cook, my first dishes weren’t so hot.  But like they say, practice makes perfect.  As I grew confident in my culinary skills, I reached out to my mother for our Filipino family recipes.  My favorite traditional Filipino dishes that I will highlight in this blog are Pancit (noodles) and Chicken Adobo.

This is my first blog ever, so this content will constantly be a work in process.  I look to share my love of food with you and hope that you find happiness in my dishes as I do.  In addition, I will blog about only about restaurants I truly enjoy.

~ Anythingfood 🙂

1 Response to About the Foodie

  1. jennifer velasquez says:

    Yum! Look forward to the blogs and trying out your recipes! 🙂

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